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Alicante City & Beach Tour

Discover fascinating Old Town and amazing sea views
from 26 € | 2h to 2:30 h | min. 3 pax | free water
10 % off

Wine & Tapas Bike Trail Tour

 You will learn something about Spanish food and traditional tapas
from 36 € | 3 h | min. 3 pax | free water
10 % off

Palmeral Park Tour

 Enjoy an incredible nature area located in front of the sea
from 28 € | 2h to 2:30 h | min. 3 pax | free water
10 % off

Bike & Picnic Tour

Enjoy biking and perfect picnic
25 € | 12 h | min. 2 pax | free water
10 % off

Bike & Pilates Tour

Enjoy a dynamic Pilate's class in a peace environment
from 32 € | 2 h | min. 3 pax | free water
10 % off

Tabarca Island & streets Alicante

Enjoy a full day in a fantastic island & some city places
from 40 € | 8h to 8:30 h | min. 2 pax | free water
10 % off


Bike Tour in Alicante by, we have to offer you different tours and bike rental to visit Alicante in the best way: by bicycle. The views that give us these immense landscapes are worthy of tranquility. You can purchase our perfect combos for families, groups, or individuals. Enter our catalog, and you will find diverse guided tours, rentals, and much more.

Have you ever thought about cycling and pilates? Well, it is not far-fetched since both are compatible activities. If you want to do Cycling & Pilates, we assure you of a unique experience. Together with the group, we will start 3 kilometers (2 hours, approximately) walk, passing through the Barrio Santa Cruz, the hermitage, and the Benacantil mountain, where the panoramic views will remain forever engraved in your retina. Then, we will meet the pilates teacher in La Ereta park, and, finally, we will relax on one of the most impeccable beaches of Alicante: The Postiget beach.

On the other hand, we take bike rides and ride 3 kilometers to the fantastic Tabarca Island and finish the trip on a ferry to get to know different points and the most historic streets of the province, a journey of approximately 8 hours.

For those who prefer a more relaxed day, you can opt for Bike & Picnic. We offer you the rental of our blue bike, along with a blanket to place on the beach/grass and picnic baskets with different foods included so you can make the most of a day at the beach after a bike ride.

If you choose the Palmeral Park Tour, you will know different routes in which you will ride with a group of tourists with the same interests: to know Alicante by bike. In addition, the trails are fully accessible to all over 12 years old because we are interested that the whole family can access to these tours guided by specialists in English and Spanish-speaking tourism. This tour is 10 kilometers long (approximately 2.5 hours), and we will give you a free snack bar to enjoy on the terrace of Palmeral Park. With Alicante City & Beach Tour, you will learn about the city’s life and how it has grown over the years. We will visit the colorful old town, the beach, the center, and the marina, passing with our bike through the historic Castle of Santa Barbara, the Gothic church, the Central Market, the theater, promenade, enjoying the characteristic fauna of the area. Choose the Wine & Tapas Bike Tour in Alicante. You will get to know the different bars and restaurants typical of the province, the tasty Spanish food and the traditional and exquisite tapas, and the delicious wine you can enjoy after a bike ride through the city. In addition, we not only offer bike tour packages, but you can also rent city bike XL with baby seats, adult-size bikes for those over 16 years old, E-bikes, and E-scooters. You can leave your luggage in our store protected by a CCTV system. Bike rental in Alicante.
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